Southwest Desert Classic & Breeder's Incentive Futurity
American Qualifier & World Youth Qualifier
Blackhawk Arena, Salina, UT
August 21-23, 2020

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Salina, UT


Webcast Schedule (Mountain time)

Friday, August 21

3:00pm - KK Run for Vegas Pole Bending World Youth Qualifier
Go right into the Open Pole Bending
Go right into the Open 5D (will not start before 5:00pm)

Saturday, August 22

8am - KK Run for Vegas, World Youth Quaifier
Go right into the Futurity
 Go right into the Run for the Money
 Go right into the Open 5D
 Non Carry over Youth and seniors 

Sunday, August 23

8am - American Qualifier
Go right into Futurity (Futurity Awards will be right after)
Go right into the Open 5D $5000 added
Non carry over youth and seniors 

KKRFV Barrels (Friday)
1 Lacey Sherrod
2 Skyler Sutton
3 Alisha wheeler
4 Olivia Krause
5 Harley Mackey
6 Halee Holman
7 Allie Shields
8 Lainey Olson
9 Izzy Coughlin
10 Cauleen Segay
11 Aspen Autry
12 Rori Fenner
13 Adler Moon
14 Amelia Mathews
15 Hannah Belvin
16 Skyler Sutton
17 Reese Moser
18 Taylor Armenta
19 Maddie Grover
20 Josie Lindburg
21 Nika Neighbors
22 sierra costner
23 Lainey Olson
24 Rhea Fenner
25 chyanne costner
26 Rori Fenner
27 Harley Mackey
28 Lyndee Moser
29 Cauleen Segay
30 Wylee Mitchell
31 Alisha wheeler
32 Aspen Autry
33 Skyler Sutton
34 Marquel Moser
35 Allie Shields
36 Olivia Krause
37 Bryndli Stevens
1 RaeLynn Yellowhorse
2 Harley Mackey
3 Maddie Grover
4 Macie Kulikov
5 sierra costner
6 Allison Shields
7 Lacey Sherrod
8 Izzy Coughlin
9 Skyler Sutton
10 Rhea Fenner
11 Harley Mackey

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