Registered Name:Buckeye
Height: 15
Sex: Gelding
Age: 4
Color: Gray
Contact: Masters Equine
Location: Dalton
Phone: (330) 464-9758
Cell: (330) 464-9758
Email: [email protected]
Buckeye is a deep bodied 5 year old gelding, with a mentality of that twice his age. Buckeye is the type of gelding that checks the most important boxes- safety, disposition, athleticism, and personality. We have asked Buckeye to do a little bit of anything, and everything. He has been started on the calf roping sled, on the head & heel side, and will ride with some class. He has been used out on the wheat pasture, trail ridden and used in the arena for a well rounded, versatile handle. Buckeye has a deep stop off of your seat, fun and correct turn arounds, and smooth transitions. This is the type of gelding you can use for a week, or lay him off for 45 days, and step right back in the middle of. Buckeye is always the first to meet you at the gate, no matter how far you rode the previous day. He has a great travel, if you wanted to throw an english saddle on him and stride out, or he will scale back to a nice pidder patter trot and lope around the arena. Buckeye has been hauled around to the roping pen, different state parks to trail ride, and ridden in the brush. Don’t let his age fool you, this is a gelding that has seen more life experiences than most horses with twice his age. Buckeye is selling sound, with clean x-rays. We are excited for you to meet Buckeye!