Nachos Monkey Wrench

Registered Name:Nachos Monkey Wrench
Sire: More Nachos
Dam: Olympic Harmony
Height: 15.1
Sex: Gelding
Age: 15
Color: Bay
Contact: Marija Seker
Location: Rice
Phone: 7152792996
Cell: 7152792996
Email: [email protected]
Introducing Nachos Monkey Wrench 1D barrel/pole horse. Handy youth suitable and he will absolutely keep a youth at the top.


-2008 gelding

-SOLID top of the 1D horse. Rodeo experience and rodeo winner/money earner. Same run EVERY time. I have never ridden a more consistent horse in my life.

-NOT a barrel hitter. You would have to try to hit a barrel on him. I’ve knocked maybe 5 times throughout the 4/5 years I’ve ran him. He was my first barrel horse.

-free runner but will not miss a barrel. Just send him into every barrel and he’ll do the rest himself. He is sooo easy to run.

-runs barefoot

-I have ran poles a handful of times on him and have clocked 20/21 second patterns. I am not a pole person either lol.

-he does not ever need to be worked on the pattern.

-handy youth suitable IF they can handle a horse that gets hoppy/hot down the alley. He will also get like that if you drill on him a ton at home.

-no current maintenance. His hocks have fused so he does not ever need hock injections again. Since his hocks have fused I have not had to inject anything.

-I do keep him on a very strict workout and diet to keep him this sound with no maintenance.

-trail rides like a dream. I have given lessons on him. Broke broke broke.

This horse has won me more buckles and money than I can count. He is not one I ever want to let go of, but I know he will take someone else far too and he deserves to do that rather than start getting pushed down the totem pole at my house and sit in the pasture. This horse truly loves his job.
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