DHR Boy Whatta Flyer

Registered Name:DHR Boy Whatta Flyer
Sire: DHR Boy Whatta Flyer
Dam: Fly Doctor
Height: 15.3
Sex: Gelding
Age: 10
Color: Brown
Contact: Suzie
Location: Gothenburg
Phone: 308-529-1602 - text
Cell: 308-529-1602
Email: [email protected]
10 YO 1D/Pro Rodeo caliber, outstanding gelding out of Oh Whatta Boy by Dash for Perks on the top and Fly Doctor by Freedom Flyer by Easy Jet on the bottom. I have owned this horse since a weanling. He was brought on slow and correct. I did not futurity or derby him as I was too busy with my family at that time. He has a really cool and easy style. The harder you run him into first, the better he turns. It's a lot of fun! He really came on his 6 year old year and has continued to improve since. He's run 17.6 on deep sand standard patterns. He has run 2-3 tenths off arena records indoors. These don’t even begin to touch his potential. Further explanation as to why that is below. He does not require barrel work. The more he competes the tougher he gets. He has been hauled, clipped, bathed, shod, trimmed, etc. I do give him Lasix during the hot, humid months and he handles that well. I usually keep him shod during the months I compete but he is barefoot the rest of the time. I take him to a very reputable and well-known equine vet once a year for an overall exam and he has always been sound and healthy. He won money and top awards in both the Bonus Race Finals and the Open Jackpot at the Bonus Race in 2019 in the 2D division, running 13th out of 400 plus. I had only taken him to one barrel race prior that year, so he was not running at his best quite yet, but he still ran very respectively and won some nice money. He was the NE NBHA State Reserve 1D Champion in 2020. Runs in the 1D at the Barrel Bashes we have attended. I have rodeoed on him a little and he handled it just fine, it just isn't my choice. He has been given the best care possible and has never had his legs run off. He can be fresh and a little humpy when you first start riding him for the year. He rides out of this and the more time you spend with him, the better he gets. I can tell the buyer how I have handled this. Due to this an experienced, handy older youth or confident adult rider recommended. He can buddy up easily but when hauled by himself, he is a dream. I typically haul 2-3 at least and he isn't unmanageable, he just wants to keep track of who else is standing at the trailer but once it's time to run, that is over and he's all business. He does not need or tolerate spurs. Do not buy him if you lean forward and kick behind the back cinch. Just make sure you are a correct rider and you'll get along just fine. He is paid up in Future Fortunes.

I love this horse and this is really hard for me, but here is my why. I have a family of 4 boys, one with a disability which makes him wheelchair bound. My oldest is entering high school this year and loves sports. My son, with the disability, is 13 and getting to the size that is harder for me to transfer into a vehicle that pulls a trailer. He also had an accident this spring that kept him bed-ridden for 7 plus weeks which took me out of all the competitions that I would typically be at. During that time I realized how reliant my son is on me and trying to keep a top performing barrel horse going just isn't feasible or wise for me anymore. My third and fourth sons want to compete in barrel racing and other horses events but they still have a lot to learn and are not at all ready for the bigger youth events. My mom had a stroke at the beginning of the year and I am all she has. She has no other children and my step-dad passed away suddenly in May, leaving everything to me to handle. I am also homeschooling one of our boys again for the second year. This was not an easy task last year and I know my horse riding is going to come to a halt again this year, once our school year starts. All of this adds up! This horse thrives at the big events. He is so much more than a weekend jackpot horse that gets sporadic riding at best and that is all I can give him right now. My days are far from predictable and my best made plans often get changed. This horse gets tougher and tougher the more he goes and I can't even go. I refuse to look back on these years, once my boys are grown and my mom is gone, and realize I gave more attention to my horse(s) than I did them. I can spend time with young horses, close to home, helping my younger two, taking care of my disabled son, attending all my oldest's sport events and being available to my mom. I can't travel and be gone for several days a week, winning barrel races and rodeos and look back and feel ok if that comes at the cost of precious time with my family. This is all true and my why. If my circumstances were different, he would not be for sale at all because he truly is what I dreamed he would be when I bought him as a baby!

He is being ridden by a professional horseman in South Dakota. He is legged up and ready to go. That is where he will be until further notice and is available to try at his place. Registered with AQHA - Appendix Certificate. I have not officially taped him in awhile but he is 15.3, possibly 16 hh.
Sire's Sire:
Dash For Perks
Sire's sire's sire
Dash For Cash
Sire's sire's dam
Sire's Dam:
Oh What A Rose
Sire's dam's sire
Disco Jerry
Sire's dam's dam
First A Rose
Dam's Sire:
Freedom Flyer
Dam's Sire Sire
Easy Jet
Dam's sire's dam
True Treasure
Dam's Dam:
Dam's dam's Sire
Doc's Oak
Dam's dam's dam
Satin Bingo