Knud dude

Registered Name:Knud dude
Height: 16
Sex: Gelding
Age: 8
Color: Bay
Contact: Mackynzie Compston
Location: Bartlesville
Phone: 9183318354
Email: [email protected]
8 year old future fortunes gelding. The first time I entered him he was 7th in the 1D out of 100 horses. Trail rides good he had a alley issue when I got him I sent him to the trainer for a month and he hasn’t had a problem since. He will back up and you have to kick him and he will go. Automatic around the barrels. Easy to warm up. He needs SI injections every 6 months. Picks up his feet. Hauls and stalls good. Loads good. Sleeps in the stall good. He gets hot in the alley but all you have to do is keep him collected.